Imagination and Social Change: The Creativity of Occupy

Imagination and Social Change Flyer
Social movements generate art, music, and innovative social forms. They open up possibilities for a different future. Andrea Marks, Bill Ritchey, and activists from Occupy Corvallis will speak about the creative activist imagination generated by Occupy movement, and how that movement has continued to inspire on-going social justice projects. What lessons does this recent history hold for those interested in social justice and social change?

  • Andrea Marks is an Associate Professor and coordinator of the Graphic Design department of the College of Business at OSU. Dr. Marks has received numerous awards and fellowships to study the political art of German women, Polish dissidents and, in 2012, was awarded an OSU Center for the Humanities Fellowship to examine the poster art of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.
  • Bill Ritchey is an oral historian, co-op worker and member, and activist. He was one of the organizers involved in Occupy Portland from its beginning.
  • Activists from Occupy Corvallis will share their experiences with the local movement and associated projects.

Sponsored by The Anarres Project for Alternative Futures, OSU School of History, Philosophy, & Religion