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Change Starts in the Streets, Not With the White House

A supporters holds a sign for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders during campaign event at the LA Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California, U.S., on Monday, August 10, 2015. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

By Arun Gupta (March 25, 2016) I asked dozens of activists and organizers what tangible movement building is coming out the Bernie Sanders campaign. Here’s what I found. The last half of the article will be of interest to many as it examines different responses from organized socialists. It’s a mixed bag at best.

Why There Probably Won’t Be a President Sanders

By Arun Gupta (February 26, 2016) Bernie Sanders supporters are understandably frustrated about the 2016 primary. He essentially tied Hillary Clinton in Iowa, trounced her in New Hampshire, and gave her a scare in Nevada. But the narrative is Clinton has “cleared the road,” is “back on track,” and “inevitable” again to win the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

Interview: John Lindsay-Poland

John Lindsay-Poland has been active in movements for Latin American human rights and solidarity and demilitarization of US policy. He currently coordinates the Wage Peace program in San Francisco of the American Friends Service Committee, an organization founded in 1917 that promotes peace and non-violence. He resides in Oakland, California.

Let’s get rid of the phrase “Preaching to the Choir”

By Joseph Orosco A few weeks ago, I listened to Walidah Imarisha and Gabriel Teodros share their writing from the new speculative fiction collection Octavia’s Brood. They both spoke about using science fiction as a vehicle for sparking the imagination to think about liberation and a socially just future. During the Q & A, someone asked whether or not their…
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