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Note to a White Anti-Racist Struggling with Resistance

  By Chris Crass Note to a white anti-racist struggling with white resistance in his mostly white church to ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬: you and I and other white anti-racists need to believe in the potential of white people.

Unitarians Throwing Down for Racial Justice

  By Chris Crass Hearing about ways that UUs are throwing down in the Black Lives Matter movement is deeply inspiring. And while the UUs are majority white, there are also large numbers of Black UUs and UUs of color who are throwing down big all around the country. Here are some of the ways UUs are work for racial justice in…
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Negotiating Punk Rock: Searching for Liberatory Values in a Conflicted Culture

  By Alexander N. Riccio The intersections of privilege and oppression have never been starker for me than the years I attempted to infiltrate Atlanta’s underground rock n’ roll scene. On the surface it appeared that the community united under shared connections through drugs, music, sex, and rebellion; but under the sheen of commonality was a matrix of divisions, prejudices,…
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Should Anarchists Vote?

  Chris Dixon ends his recent book Another Politics:  Talking Across Today’s Transformative Movements with a series of questions that are meant to confront and guide the direction of future organizing projects.  Some of these questions have to do with electoral politics:  How should people dedicated to anti-authoritarian politics relate to this sphere?

What We Can Learn From Street Preachers

  By Matt Enloe Friday October 10th, Shawn the Baptist and Keith Darrell visited my campus, Oregon State University. We’re no stranger to the ways of the street preachers, but having them visit is never anything short of an ordeal.

In Defense of Boring Politics

By Ellis Why is that we are more aroused by an image of a revolutionary with a gun, than a photo of a revolutionary sending an email out scheduling a group meeting to discuss duties of a new political organization?

A Fair Shot at the Middle Class

By Mark Naison The US now features higher levels of economic inequality than it has since the late 19th century, a condition characterized by stagnant wages, bloated CEO compensation, insupportable levels of consumer and student debt and a housing crisis featuring families doubling and tripling up while millions of homes and apartments stand vacant. Until incomes rise for the majority…
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The Voices of Liberalism

  By Chuck Morse   “I’m sure there’s some sensible policy solutions we should push to address this pressing issue.” -the voice of liberalism

Social Work and Structural Analysis

  By Thao N. Lam “I want to do more for my clients, but I can’t. Then I can’t look at my phone and see the news about Ferguson. I feel awful,” said a social service colleague, blinking back tears of frustration and anger.