It’s Not Exaggeration to Say White Nationalism is at the Heart of US Power

By Rebecca Hill (November 16, 2019)

The Stephen Miller emails bring up some important issues that I see often in strategic discussions of anti-fascist politics.

That is, I often see people debating whether traditional fascists or overt white nationalists represent the “real” danger, or whether they are a vanguardist fringe full of FBI informants, while the really dangerous white supremacists are those in the corridors of power making policy as liberals and conservatives.

The problem is that white nationalist ideologies pull from much more every day racism, and they are enabled by the kind of color blind white supremacy that also wants to pretend that White Nationalism is a phantom that doesn’t matter.

Miller’s emails include making recommendations from VDARE, American Renaissance, and “Camp of the Saints” and advocating a return to the 1924 immigration act. They show that open, organized white nationalism has come to the center of US power through Trumpism. These are emails he sent an open white nationalist in 2015 and 2016 while he was an aid to Jeff Sessions, former Attorney General of the U.S. Now he is writing presidential speeches and writing US immigration policy.

It is not a figure of speech, or hyperbole for emphasis to talk about Miller as a white nationalist.