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By Chuck Morse (February 8, 2017) – After months of planning, thousands of migrants tear down fences around an empty hill side and build a new neighborhood. We often see “land invasions” like this in places like Mexico City, Lima, Sao Paulo, etc. – A random dude smashes a window during a demo. We often ..
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  By William J. Jackson   1. Re-write the 13th amendment to remove legal slavery from prisons and actually abolish it. 2. Cops have to earn guns.A. A gun is only issued after two promotions and a year minimum is required for each promotion.B. Rubber bullets? (still thinking about that one) 3. When a person kills ..
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  By Alex N. Riccio   On August 7th, 2014; amidst the second of three failed ceasefires in Gaza (where U.S. weapons and diplomatic backing has been directly responsible for the loss of more than 2,000 lives) a U.S. drone strike killed at least five unidentified people in Pakistan.

  By Alexander N. Riccio The progress U.S. culture has made through concerted social and economic movements amounts to little in the face of our white supremacist status quo. This is not to claim there have not been improvements, or that such improvements haven’t yielded dramatic results, but we should not be comfortable

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