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By William J. Jackson (November 1, 2018) I’m so tired of that tacky azz saying that has gained popularity among the pompous left: “If someone disagrees with you, it doesn’t make them evil”. Fool. We ain’t talking pizza toppings. We’re talking about if a person’s life matters, the school to prison pipeline, rapist and murderous ..
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  By William J. Jackson I haven’t had a lot to say about Iggy Azalea because I’m not skilled in communicating on the topic of cultural appropriation. I do, however, see plenty of folks who are getting that message out and shared around quite well. 

  By William J. Jackson By now you’ve probably heard that the uppity negro class is not amused with the insidious exploitation of color’d folk in poverty in this strategically edited video for capital gain. Yes… That is my charge.  That there was no mistake made and it was all intentional.

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