Ten Days of War in the United States


By Erika Victoria

Ten days of war in the United States because a Black man was killed by a white man, and the white man was a police man.

If racism is not only good to keep the ghettos armed, but the police as well, where do we end up?

In a city filled with fear, with a civil war, instead of people planting vegetables and creating miracles.  At the end of the month there is nothing left for either of the two sides.

The news media, and even the bankers, the politicians, and the businessmen see how they can find their place within the chaos and the destruction; one in which they can have a cold drink and toast to the horror and their enormous throne made of bones and the blood of hate and separation.  Ignorance is the name of this song.  There are no sides to this game, just up and down, but remember that’s how its played.


Erika Victoria is a writer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Translated by Joseph Orosco

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