The Future is Organizing

By Teka Lark (June 18, 2018)

This “you don’t need to go to college, the future is in trade” is absolute rubbish. It is absolute bullshit. The trades will not keep you safe, technology is coming for you next. Almost every job that exists from plumbing, to roofing, to wiring your wall can be automated now; EVERYTHING, driving a cab, driving a truck, driving a bus– those jobs will be gone in 20 years.

You won’t even be able to work in retail. Amazon is trying to make it so they don’t even need a person to check you out. It will be a machine, and if you steal, a robot will shoot you as you walk out the door. That is happening and it is happening soon.

Your future is organizing. The future is organizing, so we don’t all willingly move into their tiny houses which are SHACKS (there isn’t nothing cute or adorable about a “tiny” house) and subsist on one carrot a day from the completely ridiculous solution of everyone having their own garden.

You stole people’s grocery stores and you gave them a small plot of land they can borrow (for a small fee) until some rich dude decides he wants to use it for something else. So you’re essentially getting working class and poor people to keep up property for FREE until some rich guy wants it, right? That is what you’re doing. I SEE YOU.

Do not talk to me about food deserts. Talk to me about redline retail. Do not talk to me about the “underserved”, talk to me about white supremacy capitalists denying services to Black and Latinx communities.

And call us Black people, Native American, Latinx, Indigenous people. Do not ERASE us. Abbreviations were used in print media in the past because of room constraints, but now we have endless space. Erase yourself if you need to save space. Don’t call me a POC, white people, do not. I am Black. My existence is not just “not being you”.

I don’t have time for these ridiculous nonprofit industrial complex words and phrases that do nothing, but pathologize people and excuse corporate America wealthy owners if they give a big enough grant.

White people, let go of your racism, the patronizing and malicious brand. Many think the Left is held back owing to identity politics: no. The left is held back because “white” people believe in whiteness, and the wealthy manipulate you to work against your interests.

White people, the vast majority of you are only free in your mind. I have seen the stats. It doesn’t look good for you. The only privilege you have is to die last. The few crumbs you get, that is going away, you will get to die last in a tiny house driving for Uber, if you are lucky.  They are coming for trades, academics, teachers, writers….people with resources for now, don’t be delusional. You are not safe.

There was no golden era. The golden era was a mirage that entices people to the desert to die of thirst and hunger.

We need everyone.


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