The Goal is Dead Black Bodies

By Phoenix Calida

When we do better than them, they kill us- black wall street

When we do the same things as they do, they kill us- John Crawford, Emmet Till

When they assume we’re worse than them cause we’re thugs, they kill us- Michael Brown, Eric Garner 

When we’re children they kill us- Aiyana and Tamir

When we’re elder, they kill us- Pearlie Golden

When we’re innocent the kill us- Akai Gurley, Rekia Boyd.

When we’re men they kill us- Oscar Grant.

When we’re women the kill us- Tarika Wilson.

When we’re mentally ill they kill us- Shereese Francis

When we’re healthy they kill us- Kendrec Mcdade.

When we’re disabled they kill us- Ronald Madison

When we run they kill us- Ramarely Graham

When we fight back they kill us- Jordan Baker

When we’re restrained they kill us- Chavis Carter

When we seek help they kill us- Henry Glover.

When we our children have toys, they kill us- DeAunta Terrel Farrow

The only common denominator is our deaths. Respectability won’t save us. Being calm and docile won’t save us. They are out for our blood, no matter our age, gender, sexuality, criminal past, or societal accomplishments. The goal is dead black bodies. Doesn’t matter who, doesn’t matter how. Just matters that they fill their quotas and the local morgue.

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