The Goal is to Make you Hopeless: But It’s a Lie.


By Phoenix Callida


The goal is to make you feel worthless. The goal is to make you shut up. The goal is to make you feel hopeless.

But it’s a lie. All of it.

If it’s a known fact black lives don’t matter, why do they try so hard to silence deaths of black people? If they aren’t scared why do they put tanks, but not reporters, in Ferguson?

If it’s fact women can’t compete with men, why do women get rape and death threats for entering male workspaces? Why are misogynists scared of women who aren’t equipped to compete?

If the lgtbqia community was irrelevant, why are so many members the targets of violence? Why do they make special laws to discriminate against a bunch of irrelevant people?

If poor people are so useless, why does the upper class lie to them and work them to death?

It may feel hopeless. It may feel like we never make progress. But we do. They have their eyes on us all the time because they are scared.

If we really had as little value or ability as they say, they wouldn’t spend trillions of dollars, write laws, use violence, terrorism, or systemic oppression to keep us in our place.

If what they said about us was true, we’d never be able to rise above because we’re naturally inferior. But if we’re naturally inferior, why do they use every tool they can think of to manipulate nature and oppress us?

It’s because we’re not inferior, they just want us to think we are worthless so we stop fighting them. We have power and they are scared. That’s the real reason for the push back.

Don’t ignore your own power or ability.

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