The People Aren’t Ignorant, They’re Uninspired by the Left

By Teka Lark (December 4, 2017)

We can no longer worry about the poor GOP or the dedicated racists in the GOP.

They are gone.

Trump won by expanding the right wing base and by getting people involved who had long ago checked out of the process.

That is why in the polls prior to the election he didn’t appear to have a chance of hell in winning, because he got white voters who had essentially stopped voting.

What the left needs to focus on is bringing in the 40% plus of those who have checked out and give them a reason to vote. (And fight like hell to reverse & prevent voter suppression.)

Being polite to white racists, so that you can win over white racists is a bad strategy, just like the strategy to focus exclusively on white women to bring Hillary to the White House was a bad strategy.

The Democratic Party spent a laughably small amount of money and time on non-white communities AND in white midwestern and southern communities they WON in 2008 and 2012 in getting out their vote.

They placed all their bets (that is where the money went) on metropolitan white women in large liberal cities. That seemed to be the strategy.

Racism trumps quite a lot in the US, so we need to inspire those who aren’t so invested in racism that they’ll actively vote to destroy themselves.

Unless Trump is in jail, he’s going to win again.

The right are shutting down all the media, they are going to shut down the Internet, the left is going to lose if we continue pretending like this is normal.


Of course I’m going to share this in a larger forum, but I’m simply horrified and confused at the not understanding behavior, history, and strategy by a party that has oodles of money and time and staff…..I would truly like to have a Kumbaya moment, but Trump is a fascist. You have to use the strategy that works when getting rid of fascists. This is more than an ideological difference. Maybe I’m not getting it. Maybe the reasonable people in the Democratic Party are actually undercover fascists.

How did compromising with Hitler work, Mussolini….I hate being that person, but you know in this case, it’s real. It’s really happening.

I am actually preparing to leave this country in 2020, this is how serious this is.

The coasts and liberal enclaves are truly underestimating the power of hate and, more importantly, they are underestimating a HUGE useful swath of the US public.

The people aren’t ignorant, they are uninspired; for god sakes inspire people before we all end up in reeducation camps.

I’ve reached out to the Democratic Party several times in my career and each time I have been rebuffed for people who are better at picking out pantsuits, but you know at least listen to a different opinion and maybe try a different strategy.


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