The Real Horror Behind Racist Halloween Costumes


By Phoenix Calida (October 7, 2015)

Every time I see a racist halloween costume I want to juxtapose it next to the real life consequence of being the person in the picture. 

White person dressed like a thug? So basically Michael “he was no angel” and Trayvon “he looked like a thug” Martin had to die for your costume to have pop culture context.


Poca-hot-ness? Native women had to be the group that faces the highest risk of sexual assault for your costume’s context.

Asian fever, “illegal alien”, pimp, ho, gang banger, chief runs with beer, Pancho in a poncho…

Every one of those costumes has corpses and horror stories behind them.

If there weren’t stereotypes about black criminals and hypersexual Asians and alcoholic Indians your costumes wouldn’t even make sense. You literally couldn’t use these costumes and have people understand the “joke” if racism didn’t exist.

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