The #Resistance Has No Vision

By Arun Gupta (November 8, 2018)

Everyone should be deeply disturbed what happened in the election. One seasoned electoral activist told me it was “A blue wavelet with a strong red undertow.” The Democrats lost crucial Senate and gubernatorial races, made only modest gains in state legislatures, and had a middling performance in the House. This election should have been a wave like 2010, 1994, or 1974.

History will ask, “This is the best Democrats can do?” After two years of Muslim bans, calls to shoot refugees, white nationalism, violent brownshirts, concentration camps for children, proposals to eliminate transgendered people, racist massacres, the elevation of sexual predators, rampant militarism, war crimes, trillions of dollars of theft, accelerating climate catastrophe, and the loathsome fascist slimeturd that is Trump, this is the best the Democrats can do?

They are not up to the task. They have no vision. It’s all anti-Trump. Given that and Trump standing for something — the fascist father — many will choose him. He controlled the narrative. He nationalized the Senate races. His relentless midterm campaigning is unprecedented. He made the elections all about him, turning every rally into dictator worship.

Despite his horrifying record, Trump still controls the show. Within 24 hours, he fired Sessions, he is barring journalists from the White House and he’s made Pelosi his fool. By calling for her to be the speaker, Trump is telling the world, “Watch as I use her as my springboard to re-election.”

What is clueless doddering simpering addled Pelosi’s response? “Bipartisanship.” What does that mean? Murder sprees at only half the synagogues? Shoot half the refugees? Incinerate half the planet? Impoverish half the working class?

Two years in liberals are like terrified peasants fleeing the four horseman of the apocalypse, frantically trying to claw their way into their holy cathedral of elections believing God will save them.

Your God has abandoned you. It’s time to get organized, get in the streets, not give an inch and fight relentlessly not because your life depends on it. But because everyone and everything you hold dear does.


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