The Time of “Never Again” is Now

By Chris Crass (February 2, 2017)

If what happened at UC Berkeley makes you uncomfortable, I invite you to be in that discomfort for a while.

If what happened at UC Berkeley gets you more riled up than the right wing Trump supporting Alt-Right Nazi terrorist in Quebec City who opened fire on a Mosque and killed six people, just a few days ago, I invite you to ask why that is.

We are living in a time when Steven Bannon, a white nationalist (read white supremacist), is one of the most powerful people on the planet, and is unleashing the full power of the Federal government to unleash a racist anti-working class agenda on the planet. And is doing so while he and Trump give a green light to vigilante right wing violence that hurts and kills people and terrorizes our communities.

It’s crucial to remember that no one looks back at Germany during the rise of the Nazis and says, “well at least they respected the Nazi’s freedom of speech”. They say, “Never Again”.

Again, is here.

15 thoughts on “The Time of “Never Again” is Now”

  1. We are all in this together this is OUR country and we the people will decide what is good for our country….not some despotic wannabe and his ban of looters….we are stronger and more loving and more inclusive than what they are promoting and I think that should be the basis of our resistance to drastic changes that cause unnecessary strife. Love, inclusiveness, forgiveness, support for one another regardless of however they try to divide us….hold these things dear and we will prevail…..we’re one big global family…..every human being wants the same things….safety, shelter, access to good food clean water, access to information, our voices to be heard, to be accepted and loved faults and all, to be allowed to make mistakes and be forgiven etc etc etc….this is what makes us human this is what we share amongst ourselves and with the animals and world around us…..hold it dear, scream it aloud, refuse to let them divide us with pettiness and hate. Be a warrior in a crusade for peace, love and solidarity…..this is what Christ told us to do, Gandhi told us to do, MILK told us to do…..lets continue in their honor…..our time is now.

  2. Wow, the analogies prove you didn’t pass Critical Thinking/Debate/Philosophy courses if you are indeed educated at all. What fact leads you to write this statement as tho it is a truth: “…the right wing Trump supporting Alt-Right Nazi terrorist in Quebec City who opened fire on a Mosque and killed six people, just a few days ago.” Anti working class!!! Have you not seen that Trump has created more jobs between Niovember 8th 2016 and January 20th 2017 than Obama did in 8+ years?? Wake up, stop hating long enough to actually be grateful for what awesome things are really changing right before your eyes FINALLY!!! Noone before Trump had the political courage to actually change our country 100% for the better with his complete being because the political toes they would step on would destroy them forever and no man with a lust for politics anyways could bare that kind of a fall of power. Trump has nothing to loose, he has made it, irreputably for good too. Noone can hold his livelyhood over huis head, it isnt in politics and he is proving the heck out of that, yet we see major change, whether you feel it is good or bad he has done more in 12 days than any President has in their first year. And the Nazi Germany thing….I can’t even waste another breath

    1. “Have you not seen that Trump has created more jobs between Niovember 8th 2016 and January 20th 2017 than Obama did in 8+ years” — No, no one has seen this. What are you talking about??

      1. What are you using to inform yourself? Breitbart? Fox? Seriously, where did you get this jobs info? The White House?

      2. It’s an alternative fact, like how I am keeping a flying Liopleurodon named Jeff, and we go on magical adventures together. It’s just the best. Also, Jeff says that it’s not free speech to be able to say anything, anywhere with no consequences. For instance even if you think an actor is doing a stank job, you can’t just go up on stage and try to replace them. Not without expecting bouncers and possible arrest in your immediate future anyway. Outside those circumstances, you could go wild with your totally insane acting skills. And outside Berkley, Milo can say w/e, but he can’t do it in a place that people own where they have decided they don’t want him to be. And that does not mean that he is being denied freedom of speech.

    2. Wow….just wow. I see you’re already brainwashed.
      All I’m going to say about your precious Trump is;
      Just you wait and see what he’s gonna do to America!
      And I’ll be over here saying, “I told you”….

    3. He has done more in 12 days as President than any president in their first year? Quantity does not mean quality. He has shown his agenda for supporting the rich white populace. He has put into power people KNOWN to support the ideals of HITLER! Go educate yourself and open your eyes long enough to see the hate he is creating. He has done more? He also has THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF LAWSUITS in the first 12 days than ANY president has had in their ENTIRE TERM.

  3. Hilter was jailed. That is where he wrote Mein Kampf. The Nazis were beat up by street gangs. They claimed to be persecuted, just as Milo does now, to build sympathy for racist arguments. So how can violence, hate or denying free speech somehow defeat the current rise of fascism in this country? Isn’t that exactly what fed the Nazis, and exactly what feeds Milo now?
    The language of resistance to the elites has been co-opted by the Alt-Right and suddenly all we can do is break windows and “be in that discomfort”?

  4. I fully believe that trump bannon and tillerson have only one purpose. Money forv themselves. They are all traitors to the constitution that made america great and has kept america great. Trump is trying to weaken the press and would love to outlaw assembly. And just today declared his intent of destroying the johnson law of 1954. This law prevents the powerfull from using the money from religious organizations out of politics. Are you all so blind. We are not a religious goverment. We are a nation tolerant of all religious beliefs. God can not run our country.

  5. And if we are willing to do that to our own liberal bastions of tolerance and free-thought I think you Trump-thumpers should be asking yourself just what we might do to your places and your stuff.

    I understand why you are afraid, you are afraid because we ARE NOT AFRAID anymore. History will not repeat itself. Game on.

    1. Dude ain’t nobody afraid of your dumb ass. those stupid fucks did 100,000 damage to their own school (which will probably raise their tuition next year) Yeah, you prevented Milo from speaking for an hour to a few hundred people, and then what happened? FOX put him on the air in front of thousands. Newspapers put his name in the headlines. HIS FUCKING BOOK WENT UP OVER TEN THOUSAND PERCENT ON AMAZON.

      They stopped him from talking to hundreds, and as a consequence shoved him right into a spotlight in front of millions.

      Way. to. fucking. go.

  6. Fake newsers suck. Trump created nothing but noise between election and inaugeration. New job #s inflated and guaranteed wth govt support. And the moron who said hitler went to jail? He committed suicide in his bunker as allies approached. Bannon does not belong in govt.if he wants a big orange puppet let him keep supporting PBS.

  7. This is not a zero sum argument. Both acts of violence are horrible- violence at the mosque in Canada and violence at Berkeley. Violence is horrible. The legitimate protest against the normalizing of hate language via Milo and Bannon’s role in the White House are necessary if we are to defend and uphold our values. But violence degrades the effort to stand in defiance of hate and racism. You cannot defend it.

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