The Time to Build a More Caring and Just Society

By David DeHart (November 11, 2016)

It’s pretty difficult to sum up in words the disappointment and anger that comes from the election of a neofascist to president. We are going to see a lot of terrible things happening in the next few years, we are already seeing how bigots have been emboldened in their violence. But what is important to remember is that we still have agency, and this is the time more than ever to be intentional about your role in society.

As terrifying as it is to think of the possibilities for our friends, neighbors, and family who belong to the groups who will face the consequences of the election of an ego-maniacal white nationalist demagogue who emboldens violence against every marginalized group imaginable, despair without determination can lead us to complacency. We need to be there to support the people who will be most directly affected by this orange hate-spewing man-child. We need to be together in loving, supportive community. 

And perhaps the most important part, we need to stop being just individuals and join together in community to resist the horrible things that will be happening in the places we call home. Now is the time more than ever when we need to be active in our communities. We need collective action. We need to reach out to our neighbors, build community, and take charge over what kind of community we want to create and be part of. We have to resist collectively the escalation in violence that is coming. Collectively we can build a movement that says no to deportations of refugees, undocumented immigrants, and Muslims in our communities; that has no tolerance for racist harassment and violence; that responds with caring support and unflinching resolve in the face of violence against women (be that sexual, domestic, verbal, structural–through denying necessary services); one that actively includes and supports our queer and trans neighbors, friends, and family; one that does not accept the reproduction and criminalization of poverty and precarity; and one that will envision and build a more caring and just society.

This is a terrifying time to behold, and we cannot be made to face it alone. We must join together in our communities to be there for each other and to collectively resist what is coming.

And if anybody is feeling the need for venting, distractions, a hug, or anything in the wake of what is coming, I’m here for you all and will make time for you so feel no hesitation to reach out 🙂 <3

Love, Solidarity, and Justice

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