The Voices of Liberalism


By Chuck Morse


  • “I’m sure there’s some sensible policy solutions we should push to address this pressing issue.” -the voice of liberalism


  • “We just need to apply more best-practice solutions.”–the irritating voice of liberalism


  • “I’m sure if we just stir the masses to action in order galvanize the political stake holders through favorable media coverage and copious hashtags we can channel the outrage in practical directions like legislation and ballot initiatives.”– the voice of militant reformism (often easily confusing radicals)


  • “Well, anyway, I’m just glad that Obama closed Guantanamo Bay and stopped deporting people . . . oh, wait . . .”—the repellant, annoying voice of the liberal apologist.



Chuck Morse is a writer in the Bay Area and a founder of the Institute for Anarchist Studies.  You can follow his blog here.

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