There Should Never Be an Inch of Compromise with Trump


By Arun Gupta (November 19, 2016)

Apparently Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, never personally killed anyone despite the fact the SS probably killed over 10 million people. The reason I mention this is if Trump nominated Himmler for a senior White House position, we would see articles in the Washington Post saying, well, Himmler never personally

The Washington Post thinks it’s somehow worth reporting that there is no definitive evidence Stephen Bannon has himself said anything racist, and that backers of Jeff Sessions say “he does not have a racist bone in his body.” 

The fact Bannon rose to prominence based on promoting white nationalism and Sessions wants to roll back the entire Civil Rights era reforms is irrelevant to the media.

This is how the “liberal media” normalizes fascism. And they are joined by big unions, Sanders, Warren, and the Democratic Party leadership who say they can work with Trump on “progressive” policies.

There is no such thing as a progressive policy under fascism. Any infrastructure program will either explicitly serve the end of racial purification, such as expanded police and security forces, prisons and detention camps, or it will be implicit, such as energy jobs that provide jobs to white men while intensifying the climate crisis in the Global South or brown and Black communities. Even spending on bridges and highways and airports will go to areas to shore up Trump’s support among his racist base.

There can never be even an inch of compromise with Trump or Trum

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