Thoughts Following the New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival Riots


By Chris Crass

I pray for the days when white college students riot against racist policing, riot against mass incarceration and rise up in love and rage for the ways that we, as white people, have been sold a pack of white supremacist lies. Lies about people of color, about the real history of the United States, even lies about white people who have worked for genuine multiracial democracy and economic justice for all.

I long for the day when white people riot against these lies because of the devastation they cause in communities of color and how the lies have dehumanized us, as white people, and stunted our emotional/psychological/spiritual capacity to believe in and work for collective liberation and beloved community.

I work for the day that white people, in large numbers, join with people of color-led uprisings to bring down structural white supremacy and inequality and build up and win, structural, political, cultural, economic equality for all.


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