Trump and Rape Culture: Let’s Get Free and Nourish Collective Liberation

By Chris Crass (October 8, 2016)

The misogyny and rape culture that Trump celebrates is wrong, period. Yes, I have women in my life who I do not want spoken of in that way, but I also have men and boys in my life who I do not want socialized, trained, and rewarded to dehumanize, degrade, and assault women. I do not want my boys or any boys to be expected to act in this way or face violence on play grounds or locker rooms for “not being a real man”.

I do not want my boys or any boys to suffocate the tenderness and fullness of their hearts and souls so that they can be real men in a male supremacist, misogynistic, homophobic, rape culture, rooted in a capitalist economy built on the daily and systemic devaluing of women’s labor, voices, and lives. 

I want my boys and all of our boys and men to grow up in and live in vibrant feminist culture dedicated to the liberation of us all from the might of patriarchy.

Yes, let us strategically target Trump as a misogynist as part of a larger effort to bring down his campaign and the GOP and yes, let us engage in these times to expand feminist consciousness, vision and commitment to action and transformation among men, men who have all been raised in this rape culture. Let’s get free, from what’s inside of us, and all around us that is poison, and nourish all that brings us closer, inside of us and all around us, to collective liberation.

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