Trump’s Four Immigration Pillars

By Ana Castillo (June 21, 2018)

THE 4 PILLARS HE DEMANDS BE MET; Let’s examine the hypocrisy, the fallacy of his proposed sincere desire to resolve, and the reality that makes it impossible for Congress to vaguely go along with HIS demands.

1. He HAS AND IS deporting Dreamers.

2. Demands $25 billion dollars for the WALL. It is no solution to keeping out unwanted immigration or drugs.

3. End to Lottery. (Read from remarks he has made: Let’s just let White and highly educated people here.) Never mind we have countless of U.S. college educated here now who are underemployed or unemployed.

This country was built on, and is currently functioning, to make life comfortable for some, and very comfortable for the few, because of basic skilled labor. Here is a recommended message to your base who lost coal mining jobs, or are waiting for the manufacturing jobs that the likes of your family have given to people in countries like Mexico and China, (where there are no unions or safety regulations or child labor laws to protect them):

“Go out and work the fields. Bus tables. Mow lawns, nanny children, stand on the corner for ten hours with a cart and sell corn on the cob or peddle a cart in parks. Change linen in hotels or work in steaming laundries.”

Tell your supporters jobs eagerly await when you bring back your own companies from countries where you pay an individual $2.00 a day and that will hire your loyal base here at minimum wage.

4. End ‘chain migration.’ His wife is an immigrant and her parents were recently brought here as a result. Start at home, Sir, with your policies.

ana castilo

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