Two Key Areas Where the President Ignores Historical Trends

By Mark Naison (June 5, 2018)

Two key areas where President Trump either distorts historical trends or cynically presents false information for political gain are the following:

First, the notion that our “ inner cities are plagued by crime” and face a terrible crisis which liberals have ignored. If this was 1995, those remarks might have been relevant, but in 2018, they show a failure to recognize major historic trends. In the last twenty years, murder rates in most American cities have plummeted, both because of the decline of the crack epidemic and gentrification. The majority of poor people now live in the suburbs and gang issues and poverty related violent crimes have migrated with them. Hempstead and Newburg, for example, small cities near NYC, are far more dangerous, and far poorer than Harlem or Bedford Stuyvesant

Second, the notion that immigrants, especially undocumented immigrants, bring crime and violence with them does not conform with statistical information or lived reality. In New York City, mass immigration to the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens has coincided with plummeting crime rates and the rebuilding of the city’s poorest neighborhoods. Immigrant workers, store owners, health care providers, and valedictorians of are far more indicative of the immigrants contribution to NYC than drug gangs. MS 13 are outliers, dangerous, but despised by the hardworking self sacrificing immigrant majority.

I realize that many of the President’s supporters will dismiss what I just wrote as Fake News” but playing fast and loose with Demography and History is the essence of demagoguery, and if you are comfortable with that, well, that’s your burden to carry when you look at yourself in the mirror.


One thought on “Two Key Areas Where the President Ignores Historical Trends”

  1. I beg to defer Dr. Naison, a lot of what the president says is always taken out context seriously exaggerated. It’s a shame that this president with all his accomplishments this past 500 days, still faces staunch criticisms from every corner that has a tie or line with the Democrats.

    Your first point – crime rate before President Trump came into power was very high. Look at the constant shooting in Chicago, Maryland, NYC etc.

    That crime rate number has dwindled since President Trump took power because his administration has given more attention to our police officers and military officials than any other Presidents since the Clinton era.

    The reason that number has also dwindled is because of the decrease in unemployment where this president has also greatly flourished especially amonsgt the minority folks. One of the reasons, crime was high especially under the Obama years because he didn’t care nor did he know how to go about resolving the unemployment issues that plagued minorities. African Americans under the Obama administration were frustrated, no food to eat, no jobs, nothing to support their families and themselves to live a comfortable life;; instead Obama opted keep minorities in poverty by aiding them with more public assistance such as FOOD STAMPS. That’s horrible, and President has completely turned the tide and that poverty stricken mentality.

    Your second point as per illegal immigration, he was only referring to certain group or number of individuals who truly have bad intentions to carry out once they get into America.

    There are a lot of people and media outlets (fake news) that make it seem like President Trump made a generalization as per all illegal immigrants are bad, not true at all.

    Granted, President Trump does talk carelessly at times, but his intentions are true and sincere and his accomplishments so far speak in volumes.

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