Urban Planning for #Blacklivesmatter

By Teka Lark (September 4, 2017)

The freemarket is a hell of a drug. More rain is coming. Heaven and hell is right here. Satan is the freemarket! Satan is Citizens United!

These pompous ignorant rich fucks built and built and built.

They built buildings, so rich people could make more money. They built impermeable cement streets all over the place in large flat area, so everyone would be forced to drive a fucking car.

They have no zoning laws as it relates to the environment and now they want people to get on their knees die. They want Black & Latinx & Indigenous people to pray to their God and die. They built on a city that is essentially a gigantic watershed that floods every sixty years and they want to act like this is totally a fluke. This happened less than five years ago, not of this magnitude, but it happened. Did anyone think to do something or plan anything? This isn’t an act of God. This was predictable. This happened where it was supposed to happen, but greedy people wanted more money.

They didn’t order an evacuation, because everyone would have had to drive out, which would have caused more chaos and also cause death. They could have had busses, mass transit, but that would have involved sharing and spending money on nonrich people, so their plan was to let the poor die.

Let the Black people die. Let the Latinx people die. Let the Indigenous people die.

This isn’t random folks.

Houston actively planned for the death of their citizens. Just like the Titanic didn’t have enough life boats, because a rich white person thought that it would mess up the aesthetic –so they let the poor drown, Houston is letting its poor drown. They are drowning because busses, good public transit, non-car centric and more people-centric planning was something a wealthy white person didn’t want to pay for.

The people dying in Houston were murdered by their government. Take what you need Houston, they did and more.

Urban planning for #BlackLivesMatter


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