Bill Ritchey – The Creativity of Occupy

Social movements generate art, music, and innovative social forms. They open up possibilities for a different future. Bill Ritchey, a founding participant of Occupy Portland, spoke at Oregon State University about the creative activist imagination, the social and political ideas generated by Occupy movement, and how that movement has continued to inspire on-going social justice projects.


  1. Keone

    Going to miss your wisdom, humor and courage. You were always fighting the good fight. Rip

    1. Joseph Orosco

      Did something happen to Bill?

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  3. Rhiannon Rodriguez-Betts

    Yes, he passed.

  4. Elizabeth Liberty

    what happened? friends in ny are stunned

    1. Tony Vogt

      Elizabeth, we are still stunned here also. Bill died in very early September of a heart attack, in the hospital. I miss him every single day.


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