Thao N. Lam


Thao N. Lam is social worker in The Bay Area. 

She is interested in low wage work, organized labor, social welfare, prisoner, and immigration issues.

So Many See and Hear

By Thao Lam (October 25, 2017) Several years ago I was visiting SF from LA and seated on the outbound J Church street car. A man approached a woman who was with a group of friends. He commented on how pretty she was, badgered her to go out with him, and to give him her phone number. She said ,”no,”...
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Protecting Children, Standing Up for Social Workers

By Thao Lam The gains won by Los Angeles County social workers during their strike last December were nothing short of historic. Members of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), through the Children’s Social Workers union (part of Service Employees International Union Local 721), may have begun a sea change for children and families in the county. As...
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Social Work and Structural Analysis

  By Thao N. Lam “I want to do more for my clients, but I can’t. Then I can’t look at my phone and see the news about Ferguson. I feel awful,” said a social service colleague, blinking back tears of frustration and anger.Read More »

‘All People Matter’ — It’s Time to Raise the Minimum Wage

By Thao Lam.  Originally published on Capital & Main on March 3, 2014. A man wearing the uniform and cap of a fast-food worker, his apron tucked into a pant pocket, approached a clerk at the Alameda County Social Service Agency. As he handed over documents for his public assistance benefits claim, the man explained how it had felt to...
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