Phoenix Calida

Phoenix Calida is a sex worker in Chicago, Illinois.  She writes on the sex worker rights movement, feminism, and race.

Sesta/Fosta means Sex Workers Will Die

  Phoenix Calida (April 9, 2018) Have I ever told y’all about my Jack the Ripper stalker on twitter? Yeah. Some dude was using Jack the Ripper as a handle. He would tweet pics of ripper victims at me and ask if I was a street sex worker, and where I could be found. People … Read More »

Why Can't We Punch Death Eaters?

By Phoenix Calida (January 5, 2018) Things I don’t understand- #TheResistance on twitter. I just watched a member of the “resistance” with 20k followers and a Princess Leia avatar say that we can’t condone violence or property damage. Like did you even watch the movies?? I’ve seen various Harry Potter nerds call themselves Dumbledore’s army and … Read More »

Just Another Day in America as a Black Person

By Phoenix Calida (June 20, 2017) Just another day in America as a bl*ck person… Since the Philando Castile verdict came down, all I see is Bl*ck friends asking about life insurance policies begging friends to only share the most respectable profile pics, just in case asking friends to make sure their name is spelled … Read More »

Melania's Speech: Bootstrapping and Manifest Destiny

(July 19, 2016) Phoenix Calida: So um, I get all the jokes about Melania plagiarizing. But can I please just point out that the speech in question was about the moral and ethical superiority of capitalism and boot strapping? And both white republicans AND white liberals couldn’t stop jizzing themselves over the greatness of the … Read More »

You Lied to Us

By Phoenix Calida (June 15, 2016) Final thoughts on the Pulse shooting- Something has been bothering me, and I couldn’t land on it until just now. I realize it was the lie. That’s what’s hurting the most right now. The lie from the bigots in their own closet. The bigots who are out. The bigots … Read More »

You Can't Be Pro-Capitalism and Pro-Black

  By Phoenix Calida (February 3, 2016) I’m just going to go ahead and say it. If you are pro capitalism, you’re not pro black.Read More »

Standing for Those Who Don't Get Hashtags

  By Phoenix Calida (November 14, 2015) I’m tired. I’m weary. it’s not that I don’t care about France, it’s that the rest of the world cares about France. It’s a tragedy. It shouldn’t have happened. But the emergency medical care, emergency funds, emergency safe spaces and counseling will be provided for French citizens by … Read More »

The Real Horror Behind Racist Halloween Costumes

sears-catalog-racist-negro-halloween-1912  By Phoenix Calida (October 7, 2015) Every time I see a racist halloween costume I want to juxtapose it next to the real life consequence of being the person in the picture. Read More »

Behind the Scenes w/ the Guns & Badges

policeBy Phoenix Calida  (July 21, 2015) I was having a convo via pm. Someone suggested I do a ride along with police to “see the other side.” My first instinct was to laugh, but then I realized most people online don’t really know much about me, because I rarely talk about myself as a person.Read More »

The 'Swedish Model' is Not Helpful to Sex Workers

  By Phoenix Calida  (July 10, 2015) People really claim to be pro sex workers and still support the Swedish model. Pretty sure there’s a special level of hell for ya’ll.Read More »

If You Didn't Have S*it to Say (This Weekend in Chicago)

  By Phoenix Calida  (July 8, 2015) If you didn’t have shit to say when they turned housing projects into high rises and created turf wars;Read More »

How is Rachel Dolezal Helping the Black Community?

  By Phoenix Calida But Rachel is helping the black community. How?Read More »

Why is Violence Not the Answer?

By Phoenix Calida I will never understand how “violence isn’t the answer” in a country where- Some of our biggest grossing and most critically acclaimed films and tv shows are about organized crime syndicates;Read More »

The Goal is Dead Black Bodies

By Phoenix Calida When we do better than them, they kill us- black wall street When we do the same things as they do, they kill us- John Crawford, Emmet Till When they assume we’re worse than them cause we’re thugs, they kill us- Michael Brown, Eric Garner Read More »

No words for shaming

By Phoenix Calida Let’s discuss opposites. Slut. a word that is applied to women to degrade them. It can be based actual sexuality that defies puritanical patriarchy, assumed promiscuity, rumors, or clothing choices. Women have been shamed, ostracized, and kicked out of social circles for being slut shamed. What is the male equivalent of this … Read More »

Dehumanization Starts By Not Valuing Our Voices

  By Phoenix Calida When a group higher up the social ladder tells a another group what is appropriate to complain about, there’s a something disturbing happening. Read More »

Male Centric Society So Obvious, It's Painful

  By Phoenix Calida I’m baffled why people think saying we live in a male centric society is “silly” or “far fetched”. Everything in our society was created to cater to men, specifically white, upper class, able-bodied, cis, hetero men.Read More »

Fifty Shades and Adult Worthy Erotica

By Phoenix Calida Aside from the blatant abuse and rape in the 50 Shades story, I can’t help but think there’s so many other indicators of how we view women and sex. I think what bugs me is the utter infantilization of women’s agency and sexuality that 50 Shades represents. Women aren’t entitled to fuck … Read More »

Oppression Doesn't Go Both Ways

  By Phoenix Calida The problem with reverse -isms (racism, sexism, etc) is that they imply everyone is starting from an equal place. Of course, members of marginalized groups can be bigoted or prejudiced. But marginalized groups don’t have the same structural ability to behave oppressively. Read More »

Words Add to the Burden of Oppression

  By Phoenix Calida Becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the framing of these “free speech” arguments. Free speech doesn’t include hate speech, and it doesn’t mean no consequences for words we choose to use. Read More »

Lessons I've Learned this Year

  By Phoenix Calida 1. Robin Williams passing is a tragedy and we should do something about mental illness… unless we’re talking about Amanda Bynes, because mocking her for being “crazy” is hilarious.Read More »

Voting Isn't a Magic Bullet: But Let's Be Real, We Are In A War

  By Phoenix Calida Regarding voting- over the last few days I’ve been told I’m everything from “fucking stupid” to ignorant, to uniformed because I vote. I’m none of those things, and people need to stop assuming what I know.Read More »

The Goal is to Make you Hopeless: But It's a Lie.

  By Phoenix Callida   The goal is to make you feel worthless. The goal is to make you shut up. The goal is to make you feel hopeless. But it’s a lie. All of it.Read More »

Poverty and Eating Well: It's Not So Easy

calida 2  By Phoenix Calida I’ve always hated the food shamers.The people who think it’s easy for a family in poverty to eat healthy/vegan/vegetarian. The articles that talk about poor people food and then showcase recipes actual poor people can never afford. Read More »

How Systems of Oppression Avoid Scrutiny

  By Phoenix Calida   Sex work. Domestic violence. Police brutality. Racism. Misogyny. Every argument has the same basic principle. “But if you, the victim, didn’t do “x”, then “y” wouldn’t have happened”.Read More »

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