Phoenix Calida

Phoenix Calida is a sex worker in Chicago, Illinois.  She writes on the sex worker rights movement, feminism, and race.

Privilege 101

  By Phoenix Calida Privilege is a thing you have. You get it without asking for it or deserving it. You get privilege because you fall into categories that are deemed desirable by society. You get privilege for most closely resembling the people who run our society. In America, this means the more you resemble white, wealthy, Christian, cis, hetero,...
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Plantations to Prisons

slave_image_four  By Phoenix Calida   Yes, the privatized prison system requires inmates for a profit. But prison profit didn’t start with privatization of prison.Read More »

Our Children Learn By Watching

  By Phoenix Calida If you talk to me about “you can’t be going down to ferguson, you have kids you need to raise”I Will Cuss Out So Bad you will cry.Read More »

"Think About Who Your Neutrality Hurts"

blacks and whiteWhite and Black Opinion Differs on the Importance of Ferguson for Race By Joseph Orosco and Phoenix Calida The Pew Center for People and Press conducted a survey last week to ask Americans  their views on the top news stories and to gauge their reactions to the developments in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting of Michael Brown.  The results are...
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"It's Legit Community Effort": Impressions of Ferguson

march  By Phoenix Calida.   This past weekend, Phoenix Calida delivered food and supplies to residents of Ferguson, Missouri.  This is her photo essay.  All photos by Phoenix.Read More »

Did you make sure?

  By Phoenix Calida Have you made out a will? Just in case, ya know? You wanna make sure your kids get their inheritance, ya know?Did you add who will get your kids if….?Did you make sure to hug your mama and daddy good before they left today?You need to walk with your head down. You look arrogant and angry...
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Being a Woman of Color

inclusion  By Phoenix Calida Being a woman of color is a very unique situation. On one side, we have white supremacy and racism. So there is an urge to join with  men of color and fight for racial equality. On the other side, we have patriarchy and sexism. So there is an urge to join white women and fight for...
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Women Against Feminism was a "call out" to feminism?

WAF  By Phoenix Calida This call out isn’t new or revolutionary. Haven’t trans women, women of color, poor women, disabled women, queer women, *been* calling out feminism forever?Read More »

Regarding Religion and Atheism

richard dawkins  By Phoenix Calida I think we tend to miss the bigger picture. Nobody could ever deny the harm that has been done in the name of “god”. Rape, genocide, slavery, sexism, crusades, witch trials, capitalistic class structure, and on, and on.Read More »

The Future of Sex Work

Is sex work a legitimate form of employment or is it inherently a form of oppression? What is involved in extending human rights protection to sex workers? What is the difference between decriminalization and legalization? This panel discussion examines sex work through the lens of social justice and discuss the intersection of feminist critique with the growing global sex worker’s rights...
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A Sex Worker By Any Other Name...

  By Phoenix Calida …would be one hell of an entrepreneur. Under capitalism we have a system that continually promotes and praises people for terrible behavior. We have CEOs of major corporations who engage in morally ambiguous, ethically irresponsible and borderline sociopathic behaviors. Instead of shunning them or demanding accountability, we have put them on the covers of business magazines.Read More »

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