Tony Vogt

Walidah Imarisha and Tony Vogt (Anarres Project co-director)
Walidah Imarisha and Tony Vogt (Anarres Project co-director)

Senior Instructor
School of History, Philosophy, and Religion

Tony Vogt’s range of class offerings are wide and expand across Philosophy, Sociology, Ethnic Studies, and Peace Studies—his classes address bioregionalism, environmental values, the ethics of diversity, Native American philosophies, sustaining rural tribal communities, immigrant workers, identity and social change, the Occupy movement, and poverty.

Revolutionary Unions and the Abolishment of Wage Slavery

The first event in the “Radical Visions towards Another Politics” Series was a discussion on Revolutionary Unions and the Abolition of Wage Slavery hosted by the Corvallis Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.).Read More »

Minding P's and Q's

by Tony Vogt The cap in Capitalism worn backwards might stop the whole show.   The hag in Hagiography simmers stew from the bones of saints. Says, “We’re either all going to heaven or we ain’t.” (click the title to read more!)Read More »