Vote–but then Get Organized to Beat American Fascism

By Arun Gupta (October 25, 2018)

Trump is a (white) nationalist.
FOX News is his ministry of propaganda.
Journalists are being murdered.
Transgender people may be eliminated.
13,000 children are in concentration camps.
Bombs are being sent to political opponents.
Brownshirts violently attack people in three cities in a week.
Families fleeing violence and poverty are dubbed terrorists and criminals.

Fascism IS happening here. The debate is over. Go ahead and vote on Nov. 6. It’s important. But voting is not going to stop American fascism from growing and spreading. Neither are the Democrats.

I have always advocated for an inside-outside strategy. Go vote. Then get organized. Get in the streets. With a compelling vision. Patiently build support. Defy authority nonviolently. Take risks. Be willing to make tremendous personal sacrifices.
That is how we stop Trump’s fascism.

If you think it’s bad now. You ain’t seen nothing if Trump is re-elected.

Imagine the worst history has to offer. Now add in the computer revolution, nukes, and climate change. That bad.

Everyone is an organizer. Everyone is an activist. No excuses. No exceptions.

Get active. Get involved. Be creative, loving, and generous. And smash fascism.


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