We Are Carved Out of Salt of the Earth and Humanity

By Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas (January 12, 2018)

About the “s***hole” comment.

Dear my fellow immigrants and refugees friends/sisters/brothers. They don’t know the long, dangerous and tired road that we have paved and walked to come to this country. The ones with privilege do not have the scars in their skin to prove it, nor they will ever be able to feel the pages and chapters that we have carved with sweat, tears and blood to find a better place during our journey…. to choose living amidst the chaos. That’s why we are thankful answering the call of a greater energy; oscillating.

At times politicians will exploit our stories for their advancement, and at times, they will point the finger at us for… their advancement. The authenticity of our hands, hard work, perseverances, dreams, are the dignifying compasses that drive us everyday… something they cannot take away. The indignity of vulgarity are luxuries reserved for the ones disconnected from our past struggling with colonization and imperial intervention creating our home countries a bittersweet heaven… exiling us. I emigrated from a piece of heaven on earth and I arrived to another piece of heaven on earth; my respect for both moons of my same life is a testament that I will never be ashamed of both lands.

No matter where we came from; we are here and we are bringing mindfulness and much needed peace and inspiration during hard times of transition. With our stories, we carve memories on the walls along the signature of those before us; with our daily sacrifices, we move families and communities forward; with our hard earned dollars, we support the human connection that mirrors the dignity of the golden rule. I’m better because the gifts of knowledge that you bring today; I feel your soul.

Don’t forget that we are carved out of salt of the earth and humanity; out of sugar of steel and kindness; out of mirrors that look like the parents, grandparents and great grand parents of those who wish us ill.

Stay strong, stay loving, and stay human.

Excuse the typos; I wrote this as I was riding the bus on my way to a panel… or maybe my trilingual mind was trying to find the right pieces to craft a small reminder for you.


An actual immigrant made out of flesh, bones and dreams.

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