We Are Not Extras in a Grade B James Bond Movie

By Ana Castillo (February 14, 2017)

In which the poet intervenes on a day meant for love, if only because she hasn’t lost hope; and some remarks on the latest occurrence in a country suddenly run like a Third World sweatshop, recently appropriated by the spoiled heir of private wealth and ( forgive the cliché reference) cronies. 

So the President employed as his National Security Advisor the man who was FIRED as Defense Intelligence Agency DIRECTOR by his predecessor. A) Stupid move, not to mention, dangerous for national security; B) A move that could only be thought as worthwhile by a narcissist sociopath who is hateful and thinks he can manipulate everyone; C) A and B. Also, a move made by a President unconcerned about SECURITY for the country and the world.

Three weeks into the new administration Mike Flynn ‘resigns’ after being busted for putting the nation’s security at risk, disrespecting his superiors (again) and the country’s population, who were his charge, and putting our security at risk.*

(* Side note: Let’s not dismiss the President’s public comment on Fox last week defending Putin’s violation of human rights by stating that this country was also ‘not so innocent.’ It isn’t a far reach to assume that, according to the current head of state, Flynn’s mistake was stepping over his bounds, not delivering a message which had been relayed to him.)

The world population, not only the country’s, is not a hiring pool to pick and choose from, to reward or punish, by the former reality show star, billionaire-businessman-turned leader of the ‘free world’ by mega billionaire interests (let’s not fool ourselves about the Electoral College decision.) Ours is the real world. We are not extras in a Grade B James Bond movie. The 99% may not have billions of dollars influence as do some members directly in the new administration. Nevertheless, we may remind ourselves that we are human beings with full, rich lives and consciences that contribute productively to this planet. We count. We will count.

Sooner than later, the purpose for which the man who has been placed to serve as president will have been served and he will be removed. In his place will be the one that was positioned according to the nefarious Friedmanite agenda. Thanks to the audaciousness of the braggadocio Lord Fautleroy, the intended cabinet will be positioned to move forward with their insatiable agenda of deregulation of everything including the nation’s kitchen sink.

It has been easy to throw darts at a buffoon, and to some degree, served as a relief. However, Pence is a well spoken politician and extreme Christian right wing white male who wields, without measure, a big stick. It will be more pertinent than ever to not relent on our vigilance.

ana castilo

Ana Castillo is the writer of over 18 books, including So Far From God, Massacre of the Dreamers, and Black Dove.

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