We Can’t “Debate” with the Cruel and Sadistic

By William J. Jackson (November 1, 2018)

I’m so tired of that tacky azz saying that has gained popularity among the pompous left:

“If someone disagrees with you, it doesn’t make them evil”.

Fool. We ain’t talking pizza toppings.

We’re talking about if a person’s life matters, the school to prison pipeline, rapist and murderous cops investigating themselves.

We’re not talking about tapered vs boot cut.
This isn’t v-neck vs crew neck.

We’re talking about people that deliberately drive vehicles into protesters, people that hold others hostage by surrounding them in a church with lit fires on hand ready to do harm.

If a person is on a certain side of these things and SO MUCH MORE, they are incredibly EVIL.

Every day someone should turn to the neighbor and say: “Neighbor”. “That person is EVIL and we need to keep an eye on them”.

And when we see them, we don’t glad hand them and play polite.
We don’t take pictures together and engage in a “debate” on Meet The Press.

We call them what they are, and keep it moving to take care of ourselves, and those among us in danger of those EVIL people.

William J, Jackson is the producer at Wineceller Media

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