We Need Better End Time Stories

By Teka Lark (March 16, 2020)

So I’ll be spending this time off writing manifestos because I do that.

Writing essays, finishing my book, doing yoga, planting seeds. I feel like we need a new narrative for what happens when this all ends. THIS Is horrible: capitalism, poverty, racism, sexism, nationalism, people being mean as entertainment. This is horrible. This bad party ending is not bad, I already feel sick (figuratively of course).

But you know capitalism, imperialism creates all this fiction that makes it seem like if this horrible thing ends that more horrible things await. I think that is bullshit. I’m writing a better second part of this story, so we don’t all have to use Walking Dead, Lord of the Flies, Nineteen Eighty Four, A Scanner Darkly—besides those stories were warnings, not guides.

If this ends, and we end up eating each other, that means we didn’t really understand the point of many of those dystopian novels.



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