We Need White Anti-Racist Activists

By Chris Crass

The murder of Michael Brown and the People’s Movement in Ferguson have again shown that we need visionary, strategic, and dynamic white anti-racist organizers, leaders and activists to move large numbers of white people away from the status-quo worldview and agenda of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy and towards collective liberation.

The deadline has been extended to Sept. 8th for Catalyst Project‘s Anne Braden Program, one of the most intensive leadership and organizer training programs in the world dedicated to developing white anti-racist organizers and activists.

PEW polls over and over again show that about 30% of white people agree that racism is still a significant problem, that Black people and people of color face racial discrimination, and support policies and changes towards racial justice (of at least some kind).

We need effective organizers and leaders who can organize hundreds of thousands of these folks into long haul efforts for racial justice, and to recruit and chip away at the 70% of white people.

If you’re white and interested, check this out. If you know white folks who you think are ready to take a major jump in their efforts, please pass this on. Let’s build our multiracial democratic movement and respond to the long standing call from communities of color that white activists develop their abilities, talents, and visions to organize white communities!

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