We Need White People to Want Racial Justice

By Chris Crass (April 18, 2017)

We need white folks to care more about wanting racial justice, wanting to end the nightmare of white supremacy in society and in our institutions and communities, wanting to listen to and show up with leaders of color who are moving forward the deepest values of our faiths, of our liberation politics, of our justice principles, we need white people more on fire to end racism, than on pause debating whether white supremacy is the proper term for the problem we face, the obstacle we face to moving towards liberation.

We need white people to wade into the waters of liberation struggle, rather then declare that they would do the work, but only if it is totally defined in ways that meets their own standard of both comfort and detachment, so as to eventually declare, “this is all just an over reaction, let things stay as they are” and retreat to the wrong side of history.

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