Where the Evidence Leads on Trump’s Election

By Mark Naison (July 6, 2017)


Historians are detectives. We follow the evidence to arrive at the best available explanation of why events take place. And to me, the trail of evidence to explain Donald Trump’s election doesn’t lead to Russia, it leads us into the inner workings of the Democratic Party- who leads it, who funds it, what issues does it highlight, whose interests does it represent. And what we will find, when we investigate closely, is that in state after state, the Democratic Party lost key elements of its working class base since 2008, especially but not exclusively among whites, and that the enthusiasm for its policies was shrinking among key constituencies.

Hillary Clinton was not a great candidate, but we should not forget that she actually ran AHEAD of other Democrats in states like Michigan and Wisconsin. Donald Trump, a former Democrat who decided to throw his hat in the Republican Presidential ring, took advantage of the Democratic Party’s weakness in 2016 in a way that was not yet possible in 2011.

Blaming Russia for his victory is a not very clever strategy by Democratic Party elites to avoid looking in the mirror and accepting responsibility for selling out their Party’s once honorable legacy as a defender of the living standards of working class America. And because those elites have retained their power and learned nothing, it is very likely that the Republicans will retain control of Congress in 2018 and that Donald Trump will be a two term president.


One thought on “Where the Evidence Leads on Trump’s Election”

  1. Dude, great try but you have to feel fairly stupid given that the fake President of the United States Donald the Trumpmonster, has already admitted to the inconvenient truth that you are suddenly attempting to erase. Republicans needs to get their lies straight and you are one of the ones that should hurriedly do, prior to the Donald making a complete fool out of the rest of you. Ooops, he already dud didn’t he? The question is how many times before today. Get out of the State of Denial and join the rest of us in the real world!

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