Why Bannon Off the NSC is Hopeful for Struggle

By Alexander Reid Ross (April 5, 2017)

The important thing about Bannon being kicked off the National Security Council is that the Council is now tracking toward more conventional foreign policy that is removed from Bannon’s provocations and repeated failures. Bannon’s insanely reactionary ideology is particularly dangerous, and I’m glad he’s been ousted from that post even if he still has access to the White House. Basically, it looks like a continuation of implosion of the Trump Administration, which they’re trying to counterbalance by restoring the GOP hierarchy. It might work to some extent, but it’s hard to see Trump generating the vitriolic support he had last year in 2020 if he’s sidelining his cultish followers and following “mainstream cuck” hegemony.

It’s definitely still important to recognize that Attorney General Sessions, et. al., are white nationalists. The administration must be resisted at every turn. There is reason to have hope, but not to stop struggling.

I don’t think the white supremacism of the administration is more or less; it’s more ideological—like a step down from a parafascist GOP strategy to a more radical right one. The motion from fascism toward moderation is a good one. It shows that they’re on their heels and making defensive fall-backs. The more we push, the weaker they seem. Let’s keep up the struggle.



Alexander Reid Ross is the author of Against the Fascist Creep (AK Press, 2017).

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