Why Can’t We Punch Death Eaters?

By Phoenix Calida (January 5, 2018)

Things I don’t understand-

#TheResistance on twitter.

I just watched a member of the “resistance” with 20k followers and a Princess Leia avatar say that we can’t condone violence or property damage.

Like did you even watch the movies??

I’ve seen various Harry Potter nerds call themselves Dumbledore’s army and compare the mangerine to Voldemort. But then also say punching nazis is bad.

Do you understand the role Voldemort played in the series?? Why can’t we punch death eaters?

I’ve seen “resistance” members using names & Walking dead background images… but be mad that antifa exists and Redneck Revolt has guns.

They have groups dedicated to the Hunger games, Star Trek, Star Wars, Divergent; all kinds of movies, books, comics where the good character literally has to fight the bad character to stop a war, save the world, save their family…

And so many of these folks insist we need to do everything without any violence or property damage. We can’t punch nazis. We can’t break windows. We can’t physically fight.

So, 1. That’s not how it works. You can’t debate genocide over a cup of tea and unradicalize the alt Reich.

2. It’s weird af y’all pick these characters who literally fought against evil and sometimes died in the process. Why pick a character who is willing to be in the streets fighting if you aren’t?

3. If your movement is too shook to punch nazis or the alt Reich, tf are you actually resisting? It’s not fascism, cult45, or the haircrow.


One thought on “Why Can’t We Punch Death Eaters?”

  1. I can’t encourage anyone to do anything violent. That said, would I be sorry if someone I knew and loved punched a nazi? Nope. Would I feel remorse if I came to blows with a nazi? Nope. But for me, it’s precisely because nazis and the alt right USE violence to their advantage, worship violence against others and relish its effects upon those outside their warped world view that I can’t get behind it. This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t use it if I had to or that I would judge others for using it. For me, violence is the shit we all have to live with when its unleashed. It stinks, it’s full of toxins and waste, it ruins the ambiance of any environment, and – it’s also absolutely necessary in certain contexts.

    In short – it’s complicated.

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