Why Do Poor Americans Eat So Unhealthy?

By Teka Lark (February 9, 2018)

The LA Times asks:  Why Do Poor Americans Eat So Unhealthy?  I will tell you one of the reasons. Poor people (economically oppressed, they are poor for a specific reason) live near arterial roads. Arterial roads gets you to highways quickly.

And if you need a place do put a fast road where people might die owing to crashes, put it in poor Black and Latinx community, because America, that is why.

Anyways —those roads are highly favored by corporate fast food, 7 Eleven and other poison masquerading as food. Corporations will pay for those spots and politicians and urban planning boards don’t care, because it is just impacting the life of Black people and Latinos, who everyone knows aren’t really people, so who cares how fast the cars go or what crap food is put up.

Poor people eat poorly because in urban areas they are mostly Black and Latinx and developers and politicians or those who aspire to those positions are 99% of the time racist and classist trash who put zero consideration in regards to planning or aesthetics in areas that aren’t predominantly white and middle class.

The rest of us should just be thankful the police haven’t murdered us yet.


2 thoughts on “Why Do Poor Americans Eat So Unhealthy?”

  1. This article is not thought out well and offers no supporting evidence. The article also has racist undertones. Latinos and blacks are not the only people who have to live in poor urban areas. Also, government and city planners are not 99% racist. They are not even 99% white. This article is hate speech designed to divide our society.

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