Women Against Feminism was a “call out” to feminism?


By Phoenix Calida

This call out isn’t new or revolutionary.

Haven’t trans women, women of color, poor women, disabled women, queer women, *been* calling out feminism forever?

WAFWe had #solidarityisforwhitewomen. We called out Lily Allen, Miley’s appropriation, racism, lgtbqia people being excluded, and trans antagonism constantly. And that’s in the last year or so.

Why do our call outs not matter? If the only call outs that matter are coming from predominantly young attractive, cis/het/passing white women… what does that mean to those who are excluded?

I think the media exposure of the anti feminism trend is really indicative of who has value in our society.

All I see is a group of privileged people talking about social justice and what we need while ignoring voices of those who are dying or being hurt because we have no platform.

The fact a black woman created intersectionality as a feminist concept is a critique of feminism.

The fact mujerista theology exists is a critique of feminism.

Feminism within the xicanism@ and latin@ set, womanism, not to mention the amount of queer, lesbian and trans women who have been critiquing the fuck out of feminism, is a critique of feminism.

WomenAgainstFeminismBut what trends is white girls saying “I don’t need feminism because my boyfriend respects me”??

This is essentially haggling over plantation ownership and profits without trying to end the systemic oppression that led to the plantation existing in the first place.

Why is the social justice discussion always centered around whims of people who don’t need justice?

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