Monthly Archive: September 2015

A Safety Net is Not a Support System

  By Teka Lark (September 29, 2015) It makes me very sad that in the US we have a safety net to catch you in a free fall and not a universal support system that prevents you from falling. I get angry too, but it really breaks my heart when I hear people’s stories of struggle. The older I get…
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Don’t Let Them Whitewash Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton

  By Chris Crass (September 25, 2015) Don’t let anyone sell you a pack of reactionary moderate whitewashing about who ‪#‎DorothyDay‬ and ‪#‎ThomasMerton‬ were, two of the Catholic leaders named by ‪#‎PopeFrancis‬. Day was an anarchist socialist founder of the Catholic Worker movement that both feeds the poor and actively opposes the capitalist system that creates poverty. Day was a member of the Industrial Workers…
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Who Deserves to be Captain?

  By Chuck Morse (September 23, 2015) Bernie Sanders is running for president and I know people who say that, given the options, he’s the best choice. I understand this position, but I think it confuses things. We should ask less about what type of president we’d like and more about what type of political culture we want. 

Interview: Christina Allaback and Trek Theatre

  Christina Allaback is the Artistic Director for Trek Theatre, a new theater company out of Eugene, Oregon that seeks to bring Star Trek:  The Next Generation episodes to live public performances.

There Aren’t Any Nice Rich People

  By Teka Lark (September 21, 2015) They have zero loyalty to anyone ­­Black,white, Latino, Asian, Native or biracial. They don’t care how smart you are. They don’t care that you went to school. They don’t care if you follow the Bible or the Torah or the Quran. They don’t care how hard you work. And if you don’t spend…
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Social Democracy Isn’t Socialism at All

  By Tom Motko (September 18, 2015) As a democratic socialist of many years myself, this graphic demonstrates my issue with many Bernie Sanders supporters who seem to want to run from socialism although their candidate happens to be a socialist (Democratic Party supporters/members who are themselves pro-capitalist but find the Clinton gang distasteful).

When Gentrification Happens in the University

  By Mark Naison (September 17, 2015) Someone carved the “N” word on the door of a Black student living in one of Fordham’s residence halls this weekend. I have no comforting words for those who feel profoundly violated. I will do whatever is necessary to protect my students and all who feel vulnerable and alone as a result of…
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Black Lives Matter: A Two Hundred Year Old Spirit

  By Alex Riccio (September 15, 2015)   9 August 2014; eighteen-year-old Mike Brown was shot dead by police officer Darren Wilson and left face down on a public street for four and a half hours before being processed into a local morgue. (1, 2) The murder of Mike Brown proved a catalyst for the revival of a black-led liberation…
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Hymn to Working Class New York

  Thoughts on 9/11 that were written right after Hurricane Sandy: By Mark Naison (September 11, 2015) As we struggle through the aftermath of the worst storm in New York’s history, my thoughts turn to the first responders- firefighters, police officers, EMS workers- and the role they played in the last great tragedy to strike New York, the collapse of…
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The Institution

By Teka Lark (September 9, 2015) The institution is made up of the systems that holds up the elite. The elite are the people who keep other people oppressed, so that they can continue to hold power. Many systems (people, organizations and laws) within the institution set up a sort of living narrative that makes it easier to participate in…
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Seeds of Oligarchy Sown: Reflections for Labor Day

  By Mark Naison (September 4, 2015) When I was growing up, many people, whether blue collar or white collar, worked at the same job for long periods of time, and were protected by union representation or, if they worked for government, by civil service laws. Stability on the job translated into stability at home.