Monthly Archive: January 2020

Moderates Don’t Care If This Country Goes to Hell


By Teka Lark (January 31, 2020) Being in the United States owing to slavery, and having relatives who are still alive who survived Jim Crow, gives you a unique perspective on justice in the United States. If you look throughout history in this country, oppression is an ebb and flow. For example, during the Reconstruction Era, the era right after…
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The Social Value of Science Fiction: Asimov, Ellison and Social Justice

Blue Moon over futuristic City

(By Joseph Orosco, January 30, 2020) This year marks the Isaac Asimov’s 100th birthday.  He is perhaps one of the most well known science fiction writers, a pioneer of the Golden Era of the genre.  He is best known for emphasizing “hard science fiction”–the kind that takes seriously describing the scientific elements of a story and theorizing the implications of…
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The Everyday Gray Areas of Harassment Toward Women


By Elle Stanger (January 29, 2020) When I was a teen-adult, I worked in mall jobs for a couple years. One day, a twenty-something man talked at me for thirty minutes in an empty store while I set up the t-shirt displays: He followed me around explaining in GREAT DETAIL all of the tattoos he planned on getting, where and…
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Kobe Bryant, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Kissenger


By Ted Levine (January 28, 2020) I’m not a basketball fan, or a fan of any sport, and I don’t care very much about the lives of rich and famous people (except when I do). But the reflection below spoke to me about the complexity of feelings about people who have done some terrible things, but also some admirable things….
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Does the Anti-War Movement Include the War on Black People?


By Teka Lark (January 8, 2020) In Newark & Los Angeles, when I would go to protest I would have to step over Black people. I would have to step over them on the way to train, on the way to the march. I would have to pass over places where my friends used to live. But now they live…
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