Chains of Debt


By Alex Riccio

On March 3rd student organizers from Allied Students for Another Politics (ASAP!) hosted an ambitious event: a Strike Debt Assembly. The core purpose of this assembly was to gather together students with like-minded opponents of rising tuition costs and debt oppression (specifically student debt oppression) in order to envision a world with open and accessible colleges, then develop strategies for attaining our vision. Continue reading “Chains of Debt”

Interview: Susana Almanza

Susana Almanza is a founding member and Director of PODER (People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources), a grassroots environmental, economic and social justice organization.  Susana has overcome poverty, prejudice, and segregated schools to face down some of the world’s most powerful transnational corporations. Continue reading “Interview: Susana Almanza”

Dehumanization Starts By Not Valuing Our Voices


By Phoenix Calida

When a group higher up the social ladder tells a another group what is appropriate to complain about, there’s a something disturbing happening.  Continue reading “Dehumanization Starts By Not Valuing Our Voices”

Unitarians Throwing Down for Racial Justice


By Chris Crass

Hearing about ways that UUs are throwing down in the Black Lives Matter movement is deeply inspiring. And while the UUs are majority white, there are also large numbers of Black UUs and UUs of color who are throwing down big all around the country. Here are some of the ways UUs are work for racial justice in this time.  Continue reading “Unitarians Throwing Down for Racial Justice”

Thoughts on Selma


By Mark Naison

Spring, 1965. A junior at Columbia, I joyously prepared for the tennis season, which offered me the opportunity to play number-one singles. Two high-profile political issues deeply troubled me: the bombing of North Vietnam and President Johnson’s unwillingness to move aggressively to secure voting rights for African Americans in Southern States. Continue reading “Thoughts on Selma”

Baby Showers with Men: A Revolution that Should Have Already Happened


By Chelsea Whitlow Shay

Baby Shower. Two words that often result in sighs of annoyance and disgruntled acceptance of invitations for all but the most baby and pregnancy loving people out there. And by “people,” I mean women, because for men when these words are uttered they all but shut down and tune out the conversation. Continue reading “Baby Showers with Men: A Revolution that Should Have Already Happened”

Debt Manifesto: Allied Students for Another Politics!


The following is a manifesto issued by ASAP!, the Allied Students for Another Politics!, a group of student organizers at Oregon State University, as a statement of purpose for their planned action on March 3, 2015. Continue reading “Debt Manifesto: Allied Students for Another Politics!”