Coronavirus Could Normalize Authoritarianism

By Arun Gupta (Feburary 25, 2020)

The coronavirus is an extremely dangerous moment.

Not really for the spread of the virus; there is nothing really that can be done to stop it at this point from becoming a pandemic. But from governments “locking down” entire cities, closing borders, and in effect using military and police to impose martial law.

The virus, sensationalistic media, and mass panic combine to normalize public-health authoritarianism. Blocking international travel and exchange will only make the situation worse by hindering the response, preventing shipments of vital medical supplies, and encouraging countries to conceal outbreaks as they don’t want to be the next one to have bans placed on them. It also encourages xenophobia and nativism.

If there is a silver lining, it’s the potential disruption of global supply chains could trigger a recession that would doom Trump.


2 thoughts on “Coronavirus Could Normalize Authoritarianism”

  1. We create what we think. At this time, I am thinking about the loss of life to fathers. mothers, sons, and daughters. Let us be sensitive to this loss and refrain from adding to political and geopolitical theories and rhetoric during this crisis. We are who we think we are. If we think of hope and solution, we will manifest hope and solution. Too often, we are tempted to immerse ourselves within the chaos of oppression, ever so often, Stacy abandoning the order of life.

  2. Yes this is something I have thought of as well. Especially with trump who has already blocked travel from some country’s while he golfs and at the same time telling us everything’s going to be just a OK.
    I get what the last commenter is saying about manifesting love and hope. It would be disingenuous and naive for us to think that we live in a vacuum though. How we react is everything. Some folks are going to be more adversely affected by authoritarian behavior then others. It’s not enough to sit by and manifest rainbows and unicorns while people suffer around us. And to say we shouldn’t talk about this because of suffering ignores it. We can still manifest our own positive reactions to things but we have a duty as fellow humans and citizens to care for and stand up for those that may not have the same privilidge that we do. To that end I would say keep manifesting positivity in your own life and others lives while preparing to protect and serve.

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